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What happened to Gator 1?

12.8k Botfinder  one year ago

So this is a burning question I have been trying to figure out... what happened to Gator 1?

So we know there is a helicopter named Gator 2, but why is that? Was there another helicopter that was supposed to have the name Gator 1 but was not implemented? Or was there just a typo error in publishing the helicopter?

(Theorys are welcome)

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    11 months ago
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    9,259 vcharng

    If I remember correctly, Gater I was before swashplate, and Gater II was improved version after the swashplate update?

    one year ago
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    12.3k CruzerBlade

    Quite possibly the Gator 1 was an experimental attack helicopter prototype that Jundroo developed, with extremely advanced AI and weaponry. It could even fly on its own. But the AI became sentient and instead of attacking its targets, it attacked Andrew and the gang instead, which were in the airfield during the testing. They had to send out the Wasp and the Pigpen to neutralize the heli, by destroying it. With Gator 1 destroyed, they built a new one, Gator 2, but they didn't develop an advanced AI this time, thus making the Gator 2 an ordinary attack helicopter.
    But HEY that's just a theory!


    +1 one year ago
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    gator 1 was a ufo

    +8 one year ago
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    3,331 PhoenixZeMan

    The name of something can be created without story, so devs could have created it didn't thinking SP community could create cool stories

    +1 one year ago
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    10.9k WarshipDude

    Gator 1 is the slightly unstable version of Gator 2 so the dev if i remember correctly removing them

    +1 one year ago